Kaohsiung Symphony Orchestra

Once named Kaohsiung City Symphony Orchestra Cultural and Arts Education Foundation, Kaohsiung Philharmonic Cultural and Arts Foundation was sponsored and established along with Kaohsiung City Chinese Orchestra Cultural Foundation in December 2001 by Education Bureau, Kaohsiung City Government. In January 2003, the administrative authority of the Foundations was handed over to Bureau of Cultural Affairs, Kaohsiung City Government.

In April 2009, to enhance the functions of the two foundations, Mayor Chen Chu merged the two into Kaohsiung Philharmonic Cultural and Arts Foundation, to which Kaohsiung Symphony Orchestra and Kaohsiung Chinese Orchestra were affiliated, and Shih Che, Director-general of Bureau of Cultural Affairs, was appointed Board Chairman of the Foundation to gather social forces in participating in music and cultural affairs, and promote sustainable development of the orchestras. In July 2010, Mr. Chu Hong-Chang was elected CEO by the board to preside over the Foundation and the two orchestras.

In 2011, the Bureau of Cultural Affairs entrusted the Foundation to manage and operate the performance hall of the Dadong Arts Center. With the aim of fortifying cultural strength of the city in mind, the administrative team of the Foundation, together with the two in-residence orchestras, undertakes to introduce high-quality programs, provide technical support and house services for the performance hall, and cooperate with performance groups in organizing diverse artistic events, so as to carry out the task of developing such cultural construction with both professional and comprehensive cultural policies.