Orchestra Conductor

Orchestra Conductor and Deputy Executive Chief of KPCAF

Che-Chen Kuo majored in huqin and flute, in addition specialized inconducting and composition at the National Taiwan University of Arts. Anoutstanding and most active conductor in Southern Taiwan, Mr. Kuo has beenconducting the KCCO with his skillful and precise style in many importantconcerts both locally and abroad.

Since 1997, he has been the conductor incharge of the Youth Chinese Orchestra, and the Kaohsiung Citizen Orchestraaffiliated with the Kaohsiung City Chinese Orchestra. In July 2010, Mr. Kuo wasappointed Deputy Executive Chief of the Kaohsiung City Philharmonic ArtFoundation by the board members of the Kaohsiung City Philharmonic ArtFoundation.

Otherthan committing himself to conducting the KCCO, Mr. Kuo is devoted in promotingTaiwanese music and composing music that expresses Taiwanese culture. Hisimportant publications include: “The Forgotten Noble in the Mountain”,“Bei-Guan Ensemble”, “Festivities”, “Poems of Yushan” (designated repertoirefor the music competition of Junior and Senior High schools in Taiwan), BambooChamber Music “Willow Tree”, “Paiwan Scenery”, “The Mountain is My home”, “Formosa’s Look”, “Four Acts of Musical Dance- The King of Monkeys stirs thePalace of the Dragon”, “Garland Sphere”, “The General’s Order.” Healso has arranged many instrumental pieces and songs.

Within almost 30 years of his unique and inspiringstyle of conducting, Mr. Kuo has accumulated remarkable experiences for leadingthe KCCO and has attracted large and enthusiastic audiences. He is one of themost impressive conductors in Southern Taiwan.